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Established in 1987,  Wedison Enterprises Co., Ltd. has been in business in the market for over 30 years. We continuously strive to elevate product quality and to research and develop new products.  Raising the quality of living of the people is the development goal of the company.

In the competitive market condition, we always persist to improve product quality, using high quality materials, strictly carrying out quality control process, hoping that the best quality products will be received by our consumers.  As Taiwan’s economy incorporates into the global market, Wedison Enterprise Co., Ltd.’s attitude is ever positive in terms of product, manufacturing, technical skill, quality, quality control standards.

In these 5 big aspects, continuously strive for innovation and improvement.  With the efforts of the all the employees, we successfully researched and developed, introduced to the market various products: baby products; feminine products, consumer products to satisfy customer’s requirements.

In the future we will uphold the “Customer first, Product No.1” company policy; to create products that will meet the requirements of the customers and also elevate the people’s quality of life is the company’s long term goal.

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